Friday, October 21, 2011

Eba Obsession

In its drinking form this Naija staple food is popular because its easy to prepare (Garri- the perfect fast food for people who are too lazy to cook). But in its cooked form as a 'swallow' it is notorious. Yeah, I say that because I've seen wifey eat it...and she eats it with a passion. When people are eating this meal, they just look funny. Don't believe me? Try snapping or videoing anyone grubbing eba with some sumptious soup; or just visit any hostel in any Nigerian state or federal University and check out what guys are grubbing when they're not too broke to make a pot of stew to go with it. The Internet even has proof! See for yourselves...

I want to believe that this was a bet or a stunt.

This scenario happens a lot in Naija higher instutions,
especially in hostels that function like a community.

I told you the meal always made one look like a moron.

Sometimes you can't just figure out how people
manage to make a mountain disappear!

Even oyinbos are not left out!


Toinlicious said...

Even oyinbo?! incredible

Afronuts said...

No be small thing oh!

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