Friday, October 23, 2009

The Ilesha trip

I had limited time to take photos on my trip to Ilesha, an ancient town in Osun State, Nigeria. But I did manage to catch a couple of pics, like this old church with the beautiful ancient brickwork...

And this residence with an old unique design. This old masterpieces kick of nostalgia in me.

Then  on our way back, we passed through Ibadan, Oyo State and this house on the hill caught my eye....

Lets zoom in a bit closer. Nice!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Snapper

It was a Sunday (yesterday to be precise) and my camera was looking for something unusual to snap. Then the rain fell for some hours...later the sun came out and both gave birth to this beautiful spectacle in the sky.

P & P Chicken Restaurant? Makes me wonder what kind of chicken they sell in this funny structure of an eatery. Hope they can give Chicken Republic a run for their money. 

These Asians have come again! They are about finishing this magnificent looking hotel situated between Lekki and Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. How did I know it was Asian? Check out the name and those funny symbols.

Thanks to my Canon!

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