Friday, January 15, 2010

Holiday Capture

Warri, the capital of the waterside region of delta state doesn't have much to look at on my visit there. I was on the look out on my short termed visit. I even thought I might see signs of the militants but there was nothing of the sort.

The town looked so peaceful, you'd doubt that there was anything serious happening in the creeks.

However I did get to snap this photo of a wedding invitation of one of the leaders of the youths leading the 'struggle'. Now you've got to be loaded to fly your wedding invite on a billboard!

I don't know if he's a militant or just a youth leader during the inter tribal war. But the words on this second board got me wondering. It reads just below his name, Hon. Ayirimi Emami - 'the unrepentant defender of the youths'

Either its a wrong use of word but the word 'Unrepentant' there rather sounds negative doesn't it? 

Well I did manage to catch 2 nice pics in warri - one of my sweet 7 month old daughter in a cute pose and another of her grinning  with her mouth stuffed with cake!

Oh...and a happy new year to you all!

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