Tuesday, December 30, 2008

See y'all in 2009!!

I got my eyes on 2009. See you all Next year!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 Nations - From The lens of an Iphone

Here are photos that came all the way from Senegal, Sierra Leone and Gambia - All Courtesy a Colleague's Iphone. Boy, I might despise Mac products but I'll give it to their Iphone, that gadget does some real good snapping!

Sierra Leone Ghetto. Kinda bares a similarity with Naija.

Corrugated Iron sheets must be superstars in Sierra Leone Ghettos. Abi?

Wow! Check out this multi-purpose mini-complex. They render all sorts of services, including selling 'tick water' whatever on earth that is!

But they have some nice looking joints though...

Approaching a nice looking Hotel- partially deserted due to the war that took place way a few years back.

Same hotel from inside...

Same hotel with a lagoon view at the back.

Senegal - a roundabout with a funny statue that looks like two goats standing on a gigantic tuber of yam...Sorry about the flurry pix.

View from a hotel in Senegal. Check out the filthy environs.

Senegal - A colorful looking housing estate. Sort of like the projects in the US or barracks in Naija

A group of ghetto Senegalese men my colleague met. He calls them the 'Ganja men'. The reason is clear - they smoke weed like we breath air.

The Gambia - The Banjul Airport. Of the three countries, Gambia seemed to be the neatest and most organised.

Gambia seems to have a lot of Sahara-like terrain.

And the Hotels there aint bad! According to Chris, Gambia is a cool place to holiday.

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