Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny Factor Fotos #2

Presently, this picture is circulating the net. Its revelation of our Nigerian Police in 'action' at a checkpoint. 

They were probably harassing this lady motorist to settle herself out through a bribe but they didn't expect what was coming.

The Lady cop thought by blocking the vehicle, she could stop the motorist.

I guess she wasn't expecting road rage to take over

And you can see who faces the music of it all!

And here's another circulating pix. After the Government made wearing of helmet mandatory for cyclist, this dude probably thought a plastic bucket did the same thing.


Oyin said...

hey thanks for the information...I will do this if they ever hinder me as such....


wow! i wonder what the driver was thinking doing that. He/She could have seriously hurt or killed the cop. And, why did that cop put her body in front of the car like that? Na wa.

Olówó said...

Not to be mean, but it serves her right. These traffic wardens, especially them LATSMA are always trying to jump on/in your car.
They need to regulate the helmets those Okada drivers are using. Most of them use those construction hard hats instead of proper helmets

Spicytee said...

lol..I like Okada man stylish helmet.
And no mind the policewoman..D person wey wan die,met the person wey wan kill am. Na woman sef dey inside d car.

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