Sunday, January 4, 2009

Funny Factor Fotos #1

First of all let me say Happy New Year to everyone!

This is my first post for the year on an entry special which I'll call 'Funny Factor Fotos'. I took most of them during the festivities - on christmas day to be precise. 

Nothing really special about them, they were just funny stuff I came across as I took a stroll down the streets of Lagos trying to get a feel of what xmas felt like on that day...

If you've heard of DSTV then you'll understand why this pix is funny

I call this one - The Prisoner of Christmas

This is an ever busy roadside 'buka' (local eatery) that closed down for the holidays.

It wasn't until I took a closer look I got my funny factor from the yellow notice pasted on the wall. 

Obviously the guy behind these wheels must have been drinking what he was carrying!

Two reasons why I didnt get the shot of these policemen who were desperately stopping motorists for the rewards of the season - 1. I wasnt near enuff  2.They could seize my camera for paparazzing them 

Nice way to dry clothes at a camp meeting!

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