Friday, October 28, 2011

For the love of Alcohol...

The funny things people do with or because of alcohol can never be exhausted.
Everyday, you come across a funny scenario where alcohol is the star.
Check out these Naija scenarios...

This one na Wine beauty contest

See dem...wasted knuckleheads.
The following day's hangover will be a b**ch.

Even flooding can't deter this bunch of alcoholics!

At least someone saw how crazy people are
over palm wine and applied his business sense.

Okay...I'm not too sure if this is really Naija
but it looks like what you'd see in Naija.
Another smart alec applies business sense!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

People dey marry oh!

Okay, I could say a lot about how weddings could be funny but I'll just spit it in one line:
What do you think is wrong with these wedding pictures?


I'm expecting answers...!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Eba Obsession

In its drinking form this Naija staple food is popular because its easy to prepare (Garri- the perfect fast food for people who are too lazy to cook). But in its cooked form as a 'swallow' it is notorious. Yeah, I say that because I've seen wifey eat it...and she eats it with a passion. When people are eating this meal, they just look funny. Don't believe me? Try snapping or videoing anyone grubbing eba with some sumptious soup; or just visit any hostel in any Nigerian state or federal University and check out what guys are grubbing when they're not too broke to make a pot of stew to go with it. The Internet even has proof! See for yourselves...

I want to believe that this was a bet or a stunt.

This scenario happens a lot in Naija higher instutions,
especially in hostels that function like a community.

I told you the meal always made one look like a moron.

Sometimes you can't just figure out how people
manage to make a mountain disappear!

Even oyinbos are not left out!

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