Monday, July 11, 2011

Original versus Copycat

WHOA!!! I have been AWOL on this blog!
Forgive me for the hiatus. I was stuck between making up my mind whether to continue with this blog or close it down as I wasn't sure whether I could do something with it. Finally I got convinced to continue and here I am! 

So where do I start? 

Ha...yes. Nigerian movie industry is one serious culprit when it comes to copying movie titles. It makes me wonder...does stealing an existing title make the movie sell? Are Nigerians stupid enough to think its the same thing or close to it?

I mean...check this out.

The original.
Mind blowing movie that goes to extremes.

The Copycat.
I wonder whether the stern look on the fair lady's face and the dude
was also meant to match that of the ladies in the original.

The Original.
A masterpiece of a love story and an all time classic.

The Copycat. The visual reads more like 'The Slutty Woman' to me.

The Original.
Beautiful movie that explores love and romance
from a blind man's point of view.

The Copycat.
From the look of the pix, it seems as if
the so-called 'scent' was actually the 'fart' of a woman.


The Original.
An interesting series that has gotten a huge following and popular
amongst Nigerians who love watching series.

The Copycat!
In fact, it seems very inappropriate to make a Naija copycat version.
It just sucks and looking at the title and the image alone
makes me not want to watch it. What the hell?

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