Monday, February 22, 2010

Too Wong Foo, That's not you!

I like catching interesting shots. That's why while I was at the after party of the burial ceremony of a colleague's Dad, I saw this odd looking couple doing this funny dance.

I decided to snap them since I didn't have enough battery to film the hilarious moves.

I thought the chick danced the funniest until she turned to face the camera and I noticed she looked odd.

It wasn't until she came close to another of my colleagues who was seated nearby that I noticed she was actually a dude - a transvestite! My colleague was feaked and she jumped out of her chair, just in time for me to catch the shot.

I made to catch more shots but my battery went dead. I'm still wondering whether this cross dresser was for real or just a joke. It's not a common thing in these parts unlike the western world.


Angel said...

To be honest its still not common here, I would do a double take too!!!

Afronuts said...

For real? Hmm...That leaves the US and other european nations.

Ayoka said...


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