Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama look-alike

Imagine how being a presidential look-alike can transport you into stardom as is the case of Ilham Anas of Indonesia.

“When Obama won, my colleagues played a practical joke on me — they made me wear a suit, a tie, and took pictures of me posing as Obama,” said Ilham.

Let the pictures do the talking.

He starred in a commercial. Watch it here.

His personal site is here

Courtesy Weird Asian News


Oyin said...

wow...almost had me foolish

Obama better watch

Spicytee said...

He really look like him.
Though Obama is finer But he could pass for Obama's brother though anytime.

Bombchell said...

OMG he looks so much like him

Retinna Bell said...

Haha! Cool!

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