Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WTH? Is this Food???

And I thought I ate a lot of crap when it comes to food. I don't know if the manufacturers of this food items took innovation and creativity a bit too far 'cause this bunch is wierd!

What on earth is this made of? Juice from the dried grass used to make a bird's nest?

Courtesy www.strangecosmos.com

Canned whole chicken? This looks like a desperate move to start something new!

Courtesy www.strangecosmos.com

Roaches in sauce? Uuuuurrgghh!!

Courtesy www.strangecosmos.com

So what on earth do you eat this with? If it was in Naija, would they take it with garri? I don't want to imagine.

Courtesy www.strangecosmos.com

Some people are either playing jokes or totally gone insane. Packaged eggs? Haba! Check out the stupid thing written on the label...

Courtesy www.eatliver.com


HalfCrazy said...

LOL some countries are just weird when it comes to food. Maybe because we're not used to it or it's really plain disgusting, hahaha!

That canned whole chicken is funny. I've seen can goods with strips of chicken inside it and stuff but a whole one? Just how big is the can anyway? LOL!

I think the canned roaches thing is a Korea product, if I'm not mistaken.

Much Love,

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