Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is wrong with these pictures?

Take a good look at these pictures. You probably could overlook them quickly on a good day when you're just skipping through. Can you figure out what on earth is wrong or odd about them?

Pix 1.
This one should be easy.

Pix 2.
This should be easy too.

Pix 3
This one might be tough but there are more than one thing wrong or odd in this pix!

Pix 4.
Unless you don't know a bit of American History, you won't get this one.


Shar said...

Hey buddy, what was the green package thingys??

bawo ni?

Anonymous said...


dayor said...

Let me try:

Pic 1: the bus conductor was wearing a helmet

Pic 2:cold circle condoms packed with food. Hian!

Pic 3: church service. club thanksgiving?? Lol

Pic 4: don't know o

Let me know how I

Mikki said...

let me explain picture 4:

The the white maleon the table is dressed in a white robe and hood (with eye holes) which signifies that he is a member of the KKK (a racist organization that believes in white supremacy). in short: they despise black people...

If I must continue... the doctors working to save his life are Black. see the irony?!

Enkay said...

Hey Kush! don't tell me you ran away too?!

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