Monday, May 19, 2008

The Quest For My Ride

Dateline – Friday 16th 2008

Mission – To get me a car
Location – Cotonou, on the edge of the border of the Republic of Benin.
The Crew – Segun (Close buddy), Patrick (The Car delivery expert) and my humble self.
Condition of the day – Rainy, wet, cloudy and cold.

Segun and yours truly in the Taxi we chattered from Iyana-Iba, near LASU

The Benin Expressway that led us to the Cotonou car yards. It was a far contrast from Naija roads.

Okada riders even had their own dedicated lanes!

Finally we got to the car yards. Endless sea of cars here and there.

We entered yards upon yards upon yards...

Segun saw an Acura Legend which one of his friends needed and checked it out.

There was also a Lexus E300 Segun wanted to check out.

We had gone round for hours and I hadn't found the ride I was looking for. I was almost giving up. I muttered a prayer to God for help and direction...

...then I saw her! The ride that I had been looking for. It was just 3 cars away from where I stood. I called Segun and Patrick immediately.

She's a Nissan Primera, european version. And the actual spec I had been looking for.

The interior was neat (apart from dirt foot area caused by feet that had walked thru the rain soaked grounds) The car had all I wanted.

The seats were soft and comfortable to sit in. They kinda carressed you.

As if God wanted to assure me that this was the car, I got it at a good bargain!

Now what was left was for Patrick to clear the papers and deliver her to me by wednesday.

Got home so frigging tired and did a personal thanksgiving to the almighty.


Naapali said...

Congratulations on the ride, I hope it serves as a vehicle to greater and better things in your life.

africa entertainment and sports said...

I like the car as well,but it's in your yard not mine!Congratulations.

Charizard said...

I feel you morroo..chai...nize one...

Omosewa said...

Congratulations!! We go wash am!

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